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Six advantages of Shuangfeng
1. Mechanical diaphragm metering pump (+ SF +)
Flow range: 0-4000ml / min (0-240l / h);

Material: PP, SS316, PTFE, PVDF;
Motor: 220 V / 380 V / 50 Hz;
Discharge pressure: 10kg / cm2 max;
Diaphragm: PTFE;
Temperature: - 10-40 ℃

2. Pressure switch
Pressure controller is a kind of automatic control device which receives pressure signal and acts.

In the refrigeration device, when the discharge pressure of the compressor exceeds the set value or the suction pressure is lower than the set value, the pressure controller will automatically cut off the circuit to stop 

3. Flowmeter
Precision flowmeter is used to measure liquid or gas single-phase non pulsating flow;

its characteristics are beautiful appearance, light weight, not easy to crack, long service life.

4. Pressure gauge
The shock resistant oil filled pressure gauge is used to measure the violent

vibration and instantaneous pulse of medium pressure in the oil, mining, hydraulic and other industrial fields. It has high measurement accuracy and anti fatigue performance. Especially suitable for hydraulic rubber and plastic machinery,&n

5. Conductivity / resistivity controller
Online conductivity / resistivity controller is widely used in power, electronics,

metallurgy, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and other industries for online water quality analysis and automatic control, and has more applications in environmental protection and water treatment industries.

6. Reverse osmosis membrane
(1) High water flux and high desalination rate;

(2) Good chemical stability (pH 2 - 12)
(3) Long service life
(4) Anti biological pollution
(5) Wide pressure range (20 - 1000PSI)
(6) It can be used in a wide temperature range (4 ℃ - 45 ℃)

From the date of purchase, you will enjoy the service

Staff will carefully packaged, courier to!

2.Booking site installation

After receipt of the goods, put your installation information reported to our customer service staff, we will arran

3.Information Entry

Shuangfeng water treatment equipment headquarters will input your information into CRM customer service system

4.installation visit

Shuangfeng water treatment equipment headquarters will input your information into CRM customer service system,

5.Maintenance reminders

After the service life of filter element is expired, we will inform you by SMS or phone, and make an appointment with you for the replacement time.

6. On site maintenance

Through the advanced CRM customer service system, automatically remind customer service, network engineers, to provide you with filter maintenance service

7. Maintenance return visit

Shuangfeng water treatment equipment headquarters call center will visit 100% of our users for maintenance.

About Shuangfeng

280 million people market are you ready?
      In March 2014, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released the first nationwide large-scale research results. The results show that my country’s residential areas with 250 million residents are close to key sewage companies and arterial roads, and 280 million residents use unsafe drinking water.
       Since January this year, there have been more than 10 incidents of tap water odors that have been exposed in various places. Among them, the relevant departments of 6 incidents have detected that the water quality is up to standard. People can't help but doubt whether the so-called "standard tap water" is safe.
       After reading the above information, what do you think of the development prospects of the water purifier industry?
       In 2014, the water purifier industry has developed by leaps and bounds. The industry and relevant people know that some powerful manufacturers have begun to seize the market. Although there is only 10% development space in the market, there are 80%-90% market profits. Such a huge space is waiting for us to develop. It can be seen that water purifiers are difficult to think about!
What are you waiting for, join us! 

Join Advantage
  • Free to join
    Free to join

    0 yuan to join + 0 margin + 0 yuan agency fee + with a full range of distribution support + strong m.

  • Brand advantage
    Brand advantage

    Its our duty to advocate environmental protection consciousness and use the shortest time

  • Professional advantages
    Professional advantages

    The company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating product development, production, sales, engine.

  • Product advantages
    Product advantages

    Shuangfeng has many inventions, practicability and appearance

  • Product support
    Product support

    The company has a variety of promotional materials, and according to the

  • Experience advantage
    Experience advantage

    If you join shuangfengshui, you will get a variety of marketing modes, such as national chain stores.

  • Regional protection
    Regional protection

    The company in order to protect the interests of dealers, to the zone

  • Franchise training
    Franchise training

    Shuangfengshui carries out systematic management and training for dealers. Including comprehensive k.

Joining process
Joining process
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About Shuangfeng

     +SF + Shuangfeng water treatment equipment (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. is located in Shijie Town, a beautiful electronic manufacturing center in Dongguan. It is close to Shenzhen in the South and Guangzhou in the north, with convenient transportation. Since its establishment in 2002, the company has made great efforts to build the + SF + brand, specializing in water treatment and environmental protection service industry, providing water treatment spare parts and consumables for water treatment, environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises and other industries. The company has a group of experienced and first-class business.【View Details
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Dealer witness
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Consumers witness
Healthy living, from water purification
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Ask Regarding whether the water in the wild has to be treated be.
AnsRegarding whether the water in the wild has to be treated before drinkingEveryone has a different idea. Some people think that if the wild is inaccessible, there will be some pollution, and .
Ask Commonly used water treatment methods are
AnsCommonly used water treatment methods are:(1) Sediment filtration method(2) Hard water softening method(3) Activated carbon adsorption method(4) Deionization method(5) Reverse Osmosis Method.
Ask Factors Affecting Microbial Activity in the Process of Waste.
AnsIn the process of wastewater biochemical treatment, the factors affecting microbial activity can be divided into two categories: matrix type and environmental type: The matrix category i.
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